The Rhythm of Love

Whether you’re single and feeling stuck, or in a relationship and looking for ways to make it work, we should talk.  I’ve spent a lot of time and energy on improving this particular aspect of my life, and what actually did produce results surprised me.  For singles just starting to look outside themselves for solutions to their love problems, I can save you a lot of trouble.  After we bring out the clearest possible picture of the kind of love life you want, we will move ahead with specific, actionable steps to get there.  Like everything else, we begin with where YOU are and stretch your limits from there.  How often do you want to go on dates?  Or do you want to find The One and get married?  We’ll come up with a regular routine for bringing you closer to your goal and strategies for keeping it fresh and exciting.  Once a comfortable rhythm is established, we’ll bring your love habits up to the proper tempo. 
Those already in relationship will find in me a compassionate ally and trusted partner in re-igniting that spark that brought both of you together.  I do not offer couples therapy but something much more powerful:  a deep dive into what two partners want for themselves, for each other, and for the relationship.  We’ll look at where you want to be but begin where you are, and we’ll use the same tools of co-active collaboration to help you move toward your goal.

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