My coaching services have been temporarily discontinued at this time. Please contact me if you have additional questions or need a referral.

From the beat of your heart to the routine of your day, life is filled with rhythm. It can be halting and haphazard, or it can be purposeful and forward-moving.  I find the practice of rhythm, both in music and in life, to be a beautiful metaphor for finding proper alignment between desires and actions.  Finding your rhythm of life and moving through it at your proper tempo is what inspires me to offer my unique services.

Rhythm will be our metaphor for a life lived purposely and passionately, a perfect balance between inspiration and perspiration, pleasure and self-mastery.  We will begin with a free 30-minute consultation where you will explain your biggest challenges and those obstacles that have hindered you.  Together, we’ll discover those elements of your life that are not working in proper time with the rest of you.  Then we’ll develop a plan for bringing everything together into balance.  Whether you’re actively dating, looking to deepen or solve problems in your current relationship, or feeling stuck in your career and looking to move forward, we’ll come up with a plan for finding creative solutions and a rhythm of life that works for you.

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